Future Students

94%of our graduates secure employment during their studies or on completion of the studies within the sector* industry - we work with professionals and companies to make sure that our courses are current and meet professional and industry standards.* 2014 CNB Alumni survey


90%of students agreed that the College provides excellent teaching and support - our support services and teaching standards have been evaluated as being of a high standard.


90%of our students agreed that our facilities and teaching resources are fit for the twenty-first century - our modern facilities allow our students to use equipment and technology that is used by industry professionals and to gain valuable experience before graduating.


91%of our students said that they would strongly recommend the College of Natural Beauty to others – you will become part of an institution and growing alumni network of highly motivated and successful industry professionals.

Established in 1992, the College of Natural Beauty has become one of Australia’s leading beauty therapy training institutions; internationally recognised for comprehensive beauty training, eminent teaching staff, well equipped facilities and exceptional graduates.

Our beauty and natural health trainers ensure a unique, caring and employable student journey.

  • Natural incorporation of wellbeing, self-care
  • We attract those who love natural, organic and holistic methods
  • We offer our students field trips to see organic skincare manufacturing and production
  • Industry connections ensure our students are receiving the most up to date and current skills
  • Our students are industry ready

Please refer to the College Professional Appearance Policy for all professional standards, personal grooming and presentation requirements:

Professional Appearance Policy - VET CNB

The opportunity to study at the College of Natural Beauty is open to everyone, no matter what your background, level of education (for most qualifications*) or ethnicity and we encourage people from diverse backgrounds or with disabilities. See Disability and Special Needs Policy to apply for admission.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) are core skills required within Vocational Education and Training. The term LLN refers to five core skills; learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy. These five core skills have been identified by the Australian Core Skills Framework (ASCF) as the essential skills for individuals to hold to participate effectively in society including the workplace and education sector.

As stated it is essential that VET students have the LLN skills sufficient to successfully participate in training and assessment in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. It is also essential that students have sufficient LLN skills see at the completion of their training and assessment to work successfully in the chosen vocation. For further information see Language, Literacy and Numeracy Policy.

Diploma of Beauty

To obtain a Diploma in Beauty you need to meet the following entry requirements:

  • meet any specified course entry requirements; AND
  • provide a copy of your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (i.e. a Year 12 qualification); OR
  • achieve an Exit Level 3 score within the Australian Core Skills Framework assessments in literacy and numeracy, which will show that you have the capability to be successful in the course.

This is done through two short tests as a part of your enrolment process.

*Some qualifications have pre-requisite levels of education and literacy and numeracy

The fee structure is straight-forward and uncomplicated. Our payment plans are interest free and students simply pay for the subjects they are studying.

Payment plans are also available where students can pay off the balance of their fees over the duration of their course.

Fees are subject to change throughout the life of the course (usually annually). Fee changes will be published on this website and in other relevant documentation with appropriate notice. Any fee changes will apply from the beginning of the following trimester or in line with the publicised date.

Students requiring to re-sit or re-submit an assessment will incur a charge after their first attempt - there will be a charge of $200 for practical assessments and $50 for theory re-submission.

Contact one of our enrolment advisers on 1300 704 396 for more information on fees.


2017 Tuition Fee Schedule

Course Cost

Course Fees: $14,900

Instalment plan available:

Full Time
$14,900 – $300 + $374.36 x 39 wks

Part Time
$14,900 – $300 + $ 187.18 x 78 wks

Cancellation Fees Policy

Please ensure you have read and understand the College's Fees Policy which is available here.

Please note:

  • Deferral from a course: Students will not incur additional academic or financial penalties for a deferral but remain responsible for all tuition and/or resource fees and other incidental charges for the full teaching period.
  • After census date full subject fee/s payable - No refund, Fee/s not transferable

Census dates

  • Trimester 1 - 17 February 2017
  • Trimester 2 - 9 June 2017
  • Trimester 3 - 29 September 2017

The beauty industry is thriving and is the third largest in the world.

The industry is constantly growing and evolving as techniques and technologies emerge and consumer expectations continue to rise. College of Natural Beauty graduates enjoy exciting career opportunities within the beauty and holistic health industry. Beauty Therapy is an inspired career choice as demand for therapists for hotels and resorts continue to grow.  See the world aboard a luxury liner, work in a sensuous day spa or open your own salon.

To ensure our graduates are industry ready we teach everything you need to know. Our public clinic allows students to work in a real life salon environment, perfecting skills, gaining confidence and learning about the realistic aspects of the industry.  It is this level of expertise that secures over 90% of our graduates positions within the industry.

Our courses have no pre-requisites, so you are not limited by your Year 12 subject selections.

At CNB, many of our new students commence studies with a great deal of life experience. This brings diversity and wisdom to the classroom which enhances the learning experience for all. Making the decision to undertake study and start a new career, or return to study after an extended period of time is an important decision and is one that will transform your life!

Many CNB courses may also be appropriate for current beauty therapists looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge with the latest techniques. Learn how you can increase your clientele by offering a wide range of modern treatments.

Speaking with a CNB enrolment adviser can help you consider which course might best suit your career and life goals.

Designed as an addition to our courses or as professional development for current beauty therapist looking to upgrade their skills, our short courses are ideal for those wanting to expand their range of treatments and increase their client base.

Short courses in specialist waxing, microdermabrasion, spray tanning and more are available.

Contact us on 1300 704 396 to speak with a CNB Enrolment Adviser today or view our short courses here.

The Educational Pathways department processes all advanced standing applications for the Australian College of Natural Medicine Pty Ltd (ACNM) trading as Endeavour College of Natural Health, FIAFitnation and the College of Natural Beauty.

As Australia’s largest educator in its field, ACNM has a role to provide students with educational pathways to further study. ACNM supports continuous learning from Vocational Education Training (VET) to Higher Education, and vice versa. Advanced standing can be granted from both these areas as well as between each of its pillars of Health, Fitness and Beauty.

Students regularly enquire with the Educational Pathways department to seek an educational pathway for previously attained qualifications or in recognition of prior learning. Listed below are some common examples of education pathway enquiries:

  • A student completes a VET qualification at another institution and is seeking credit for the qualification when enrolling in a higher level qualification with the College.
    - Certificate III qualification to Certificate IV qualification.
    - Diploma/Advanced Diploma qualification to Degree.
  • A prospective student has been working for many years in a particular industry or practice area and is seeking recognition for their experience when enrolling into a course offered by ACNM.
  • A University graduate wishes to develop further skills in their field of study and enquires about credit transfer into a VET qualification.

How to navigate and use the information on Educational Pathways

Please refer to the Educational Pathways pages located on our sister site Endeavour College of Natural Health. Current policies, procedures and forms related to Educational Pathways can be found on these pages. Your application seeking an educational pathway will be assessed once you have contacted the admissions team within the chosen area of study and organised your advanced standing application.

Further enquiries relating to educational pathways

For enquiries relating to Educational Pathways and your specific circumstances, email educational.pathways@endeavour.edu.au.

Student Services

We understand that studying, in addition to personal and work commitments, can be stressful. The Student Services team offers assistance in coping with the study load, assessment requirements and making the most of campus life.

Students are supported by a Student Advisor throughout their time studying with the College. Our Student Advisors are available at our reception area or you can make an appointment for a chat.

Tutoring Assistance

Some students who experience difficulty with study or who have a learning difficulty may require additional assistance to successfully complete their subjects. In such circumstances, lecturers will provide additional learning support, and tutoring assistance can be accessed through the Training Team who will liaise with our Student Advisors.

Counselling Services

The College believes strongly in supporting students in all aspects of study life. A special Student Assistance Program (SAP) can be accessed by all current students through the Student Services unit. The SAP provides access to a highly confidential counselling service for students.

Access and Equity Policy

The College of Natural Beauty is committed to creating a flexible and caring learning environment for all students to participate fairly and equally in their study.

The College of Natural Beauty's Access and Equity Program is designed to assist students with a disability or health condition, those identifying as ESL learners or with other needs enabling fair and equal participation in study.

All enrolled at the College of Natural Beauty students who identify with having special needs are eligible for the program. Specifically, students with a disability or medical condition will need to provide the relevant documentation from a specialist health practitioner that supports their application. Students who identify as having a language barrier or any other need for special adjustment are also welcomed.

The Access and Equity Program is a free service provided as a part by the Department of Student Services. The assigned Access and Equity Officer will conduct an interview with an applicant to establish their support needs.

The College of Natural Beauty can assist students in many ways, and can tailor a Plan that enables students to equally participate in academic and College life. This can include, but is not limited to, academic support, structured learning plans, adjustments to facilities and adjusted teaching and assessment practices. It does not, however, compromise academic standards.

Special Circumstances Policy

The College offers no barriers to withdrawal, deferral and course extension, and provides a variety of options including cases of special circumstances whereby a VET student for reasons beyond their control is seeking to:

  • withdraw without penalty due to an inability to continue with their studies;
  • or other circumstances where a student may be unfairly disadvantaged by normal application of the College’s policies;
  • or enrolment into the Access and Equity Program (AEP) to facilitate reasonable adjustment.

Special circumstances can include: Medical conditions, Family/personal problems, Employment related reasons, Course related reasons.

Can I study part-time?

Yes, during your personalised career session with our Enrolment Adviser you can discuss your study needs and expectations. We appreciate it can be difficult to balance the demands of study, work and family life so we offer flexible study programmes and options.

What kind of assessments will I need to complete?

Our courses are practically based, involving hands-on activities, demonstrations and observations. To complement this there are theory workbooks and exams to ensure your level of competency of each topic.

Am I too old to study?

There are no age limits on our qualifications. We have school leavers and mature career changers studying with us and appreciate this diversity this brings.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, our payment plans are interest free. We are passionate about making your education accessible, freeing you to focus on achieving your study aspirations rather than being burdened by financial worries. We require a small deposit and then weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

Do you use natural products?

Yes, the College is known for integrating sustainable beauty practices into its business and teaching about the merits of a natural approach to skincare and holistic beauty in a ‘low to no chemical’ learning environment. We source natural and organic skin, nail and body care ranges through its classes, student clinic and uses low chemical cleaning products.

Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Students will receive a Certificate or Statement of Attainment on completion of their chosen program, to the College of Natural Beauty’s required standards.