"We’ve reinterpreted the meaning of natural to represent a connection between personal wellness, economic longevity and the health of our environment. It's about teaching students the importance of sustainability in every sense and incorporating it into theory and practice."

The College of Natural Beauty (Registered Training Organisation #31489) promotes natural connections between personal wellness, economic sustainability and the health of our environment.

Our unique holistic approach to beauty education puts the body in harmony with nature, allowing us to feel healthier, stronger and more attractive.

The College attends the annual Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, Hong Kong, a summit which brings together cosmetic manufacturers, ingredient & raw material suppliers, retailers, certification agencies, academics and encourages sustainability in the beauty industry. This forum allows us to identify and develop the most useful programs that will support greening, as well as advancing sustainability in the industry.

Study with us and be part of a greater wellness experience.

The College of Natural Beauty is internationally recognised for its comprehensive beauty training, preeminent teaching staff and well equipped facilities.

Established in 1992, it has become Australia’s leading beauty therapy training institution and is a valuable resource for the industry looking to employ professional and highly skilled therapists.

The College’s philosophy is to educate and train aspiring beauty and spa therapists to exceed industry standards. Our success is due to offering up-to-date, in-depth Certificate and Diploma courses that help to propel the industry forward. The College of Natural Beauty is accredited to the highest standard by both industry and government and offers flexible training options, shaping courses to fit students’ lifestyles and ambitions. This is your guarantee of quality in education and training in Australia. We place a premium on delivering world-class training.

The College of Natural Beauty has recently become a part of Study Group, a global education company recognised for its delivery of high quality education.

Study Group is committed to giving students the best possible learning experience as well as every possible opportunity to reach their career goals. For more information on Study Group, visit studygroup.com.

The College’s Organisational Values

Values that guide each and every interaction we have with students, staff, consumers and stakeholders.

  • Authenticity – We do not pretend. We do not have false friends or colleagues. We are warm and genuine and understand that robust discussions aim to support openness and growth.
  • Clarity – We speak to the facts. We do not create mythology based on incorrect information. We verify the data and we act in the interests of clarity.
  • Student Centricity – All students are central to our existence. We work to engage and satisfy our prospective, current and past students like no other tertiary institution.
  • Happiness – We value positivity, joy, encouragement and strive to be in the moment. We affirm our own actions, those of others and the organisation.
  • Embodiment – We teach, support, live and breathe natural medicine and wellbeing. Be the contributions large or small, we consciously find ways to contribute to an holistic approach in everything we do.
  • Responsibility – We take personal ownership of our actions. We do not blame others. When we commit – we follow through. We model the very best in ethical conduct.

Nationally Recognised Training

The nationally accredited qualifications issued by the College are recognised nationally under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The College’s Registered Training Organisation number is 31489 and you can review our registration details at http://training.gov.au.

Australian Council for Private Education and Training

The College is a member of Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET), the national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training for both Australian and international students.

Vocational Education

Our Certificate and Diploma courses are accredited through the Department of Employment and Training in Queensland as nationally recognised training programs. They incorporate competencies from the Beauty Training Package. These Units of Competency may be used to gain credit toward additional qualifications both inside and outside College of Natural Beauty.

Professional Associations

Courses are developed through consultation with professional associations, external academics and western medicine representatives. Courses at the College are regularly revised to meet the immediate needs of our students and of the profession they will enter. Graduates from the College are eligible for membership of the professional association. Courses at the College are recognised by these professional associations:

  • APAA – Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia
  • APAN - Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network
  • ASPA – Australian Spa Association
  • ISPA - International Spa Association

Industry Advisory Committee

The College of Natural Beauty implements ongoing consultation processes to ensure that industry needs and views are represented in our training.

The role of Industry Advisory Committee, made up of key employers within the Brisbane beauty business, is to provide a strong connection between the College of Natural Beauty in developing and promoting the needs and interests of the beauty industry.

The Industry Advisory Committee provides advice to the College of Natural Beauty on the training needs of the industry, and contributes to planning and training development. The Industry Advisory Committee meets quarterly to support the College with their consultation and moderation processes.

Employability Skills of a CNB VET Graduate

1. Learning:

  • Attain knowledge and skills in the area of study
  • Manage and invest time in own learning
  • Review, extend and apply the knowledge and skills learnt.
  • Contribute to the learning community
  • Being open to new ideas and technologies as part of life long learning.

2. Problem solving:

  • Contributing to productive outcomes
  • Develop creative, innovate and practical solutions by applying a range of strategies to problem solving
  • Showing initiative either as an individual or within a team in identifying and solving problems.

3. Planning and organising:

  • Managing time and priorities
  • Being resourceful
  • Planning the use of resources including time

4. Effective communication:

  • Contributing to productive effective relations with peers, employees and customers
  • The ability to listen Empathy and the ability to negotiate responsively
  • The ability to express verbally and through writing accurate information and opinion.

5. Teamwork:

  • Contributes to productive working relationships and common outcomes.
  • Identifying the strengths of team members and defining individual roles within a team
  • Working across age, gender, race, religion or political differences.

6. Self management:

  • Having a personal vision and goal
  • Be self-directed and engage in life-long learning
  • The ability to evaluate and monitor your own performance.

7. Technology:

  • Being aware of OHS requirements
  • The ability to use and apply common information and communication technologies.

8. Initiative and Creativity:

  • The ability to adapt innovatively to changing situations
  • Being strategic for long-term goals Identifying new opportunities.

Handbooks & Related Documents




At the College of Natural Beauty we strive to operate in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner in order to contribute positively to the well-being of our students and clients, our employees and the community in which we operate.

We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Encouraging our classes and clinics to carefully consider the impact of our operations on the environment through our Green Practices Program.
  • Providing and promoting a culture of diversity to support the local communities in which we operate.
  • Reducing the impact our college has on the environment through effective waste, emissions, energy and conservation practices.
  • Ensuring safe work practices that position us as a leader in safe workplaces in our industry.
  • Implementing ethical and responsible practices that reflect our values.
  • Supporting the involvement of our college in helping the local communities in which they operate.

With The College of Natural Beauty, you can be confident you’re partnering with a trusted education provider that delivers industry-best practice in natural beauty practice and education.

Our Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority and meet the requirements of the VET Quality Framework.

What does this mean for you?

Your career will benefit from education with a nationally recognised provider
The curriculum, teaching and training facilities meet and exceed industry and enterprise standards
Your qualifications will meet and exceed educational and legislative needs
Registration bodies and potential employers will know you have a quality education.

VET courses offered at College of Natural Beauty include:

  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy - SHB50115
  • Diploma of Salon Management - SIB50210

The College of Natural Beauty's Registered Training Organisation (RTO) number is 31489. You can review our registration details at https://training.gov.au.

Statement of VET Tuition Assurance

The College of Natural Beauty makes all efforts to make public the Statement of VET Tuition Assurance to provide students with guidance regarding continuation of their studies in certain circumstances. The Collelge of Natural Beauty is currently ensuring all policies are updated; however, as a partner college under the same governance as the Endeavour College of Natural Health, the updated policies will be identical to ensure consistency across our brands.

You can access the information that is currently available via this link:

Statement of VET Tuition Assurance

The College of Natural Beauty implements ongoing consultation processes to ensure that industry needs and views are represented in our training.

The role of the Industry Advisory Committee, made up of key employers within the Brisbane beauty business, is to provide a strong connection between the College of Natural Beauty in developing and promoting the needs and interests of the beauty industry.

The Industry Advisory Committee provides advice to the College of Natural Beauty on the training needs of the industry, and contributes to planning and training development.

The Industry Advisory Committee meets quarterly to support the College with their consultation and moderation processes.

Julie Briggs


Julie is the Northern States Manager for Organicspa, Australia's very own ACO & OFC certified organic skincare range from the Byron Bay Shire in northern NSW

With extensive years of experience as an accomplished industry award winning professional & vast knowledge of wellness gained from the Spa Manager position at Golden Door Health Retreat for 5 years, Julie shares her passion for a holistic lifestyle through education using Organicspa certified organic skincare which is 'good for you & good for the environment' 

"CNB offer the highest standard of education with a holistic approach to wellness & beauty by training the students with Organicspa - 'luxury through nature' products. I am honoured & privileged to be a member of the CNB industry advisory board" 

Mark Durkin

Mark has a strong sales and marketing background having worked in a cross-section of industries from fashion and fashion accessories to cloud computing. Mark has worked in the appearance industry over the last 6 years and currently manages export and national accounts for Australia’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand, ASAP Skin Products. Mark has previously held the role of Global Sales Manager at asap out of the Melbourne head office and has a strong passion for skincare and the overall appearance industry.

"I feel privileged to be on the Industry Advisory Board of the College of Natural Beauty as this forum provides real discussion and interaction around what the industry needs from training institutions of this calibre. The quality of students coming out of the College of Natural Beauty is only going to continue to be stronger year on year as the college pushes the boundaries in what’s possible in graduate education. The next generation of the industry is in good hands."

Elisa Lago

Elisa Lago

Elisa Lago is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Cinemagraphic Makeup Artist (www.elisalago.com) who has worked on numerous Brisbane films, music clips, TV commercials and theatre over the last 10 years.

Specialising in airbrushing, eyebrow couture, special effects, film, TV, Bridal/special occasions, photo shoots/ fashion, education and demonstrations. Elisa confesses to be obsessed with makeup, beauty and the Art of Eyebrow designing.

This passion led her to start her own business 6 years ago as owner/director of Elspa (the home of Beauty & Glamour Makeup Studio) and winning three makeup awards for High Fashion, Bridal and Fantasy Categories.

"The College of Natural Beauty places a very high emphasis on professionalism and industry standards of treatment application, I believe that the high standards of the College is key to the employability success that its graduates receive".

Colleen McCleery

Colleen McCleery

Colleen has been employed as an Account Manager for nine years with Australia’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand, ASAP Skin Products.

With over 20 years’ prior experience in the pharmaceutical field and beauty industry she has gained a wealth of knowledge to share. In this time she has completed a Diploma in Nutrition and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

"The College of Natural Beauty offers students access to the highest quality of education within a modern training facility. I am excited to be a member of the College of Natural Beauty - Industry Advisory Board."

Bronwyn Roberston

Bronwyn is the Training and Customer Support Manager with Jasmin Organics, one of the world’s leading Certified Organic Skincare Companies based on Mt Tamborine, Australia. 

Being in the Industry for 5 years, she has worked at the Golden Door Day Spa while completing a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. During her studies she was Awarded the ‘Holistic Approach to Beauty’, ‘Directors Choice’ Award and the School ‘Valedictorian’ for 2012 and spent 3 months Managing and working at Amansara Spa, part of the Aman group of hotels which is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Since her return she has spent the last 2 ½ years working at Jasmin Organics and currently provides the product training for the students at the College of Natural Beauty. 

“The College of Natural Beauty is a place that is filled with knowledge, inspiration and aspiration offered through its teachers, resource materials and industry professionals. A place where all who walk through their doors feel inspired to learn. 
I am honored and excited to be a part of the Industry Advisory Board working alongside such inspirational women.”

Amanda Rootsey

Amanda Rootsey

Amanda Rootsey is Australia's first Eco Model (www.amandarootsey.com.au), Co-Founder of vegan wellness company Vegan Era (www.veganera.com) and Director of personal development school, SHINE From Within (www.shinefromwithin.com.au).

Her passion for natural health and sustainability came about after a two year battle with cancer. Following this period in her life, Amanda decided to let go of all things Western and lived a life 'off the grid' in order to reconnect with all things natural.

She has recently been described as an "eco-activist" by Cleo Magazine and an "all round advocate for Mother Earth," by Peppermint Magazine.

"I believe that the value placed on sustainability and a holistic approach to wellness and beauty is what gives CNB graduates an employability advantage."

Carolyn Stubbin

Carolyn Stubbin is the Co-Owner and Creative Director of Perfect Potion - an Australian owned company which manufactures certified natural and organic aromatherapy and skin care products. Perfect Potion was established in Brisbane in 1991 and since then has expanded to Sydney, Melbourne and Japan.

Carolyn’s studies include natural therapies and beauty therapy at Endeavour College with further degrees in cosmetic science and photography. Her book, Do it yourself Pure Plant Skincare, empowers the reader to create aromatherapy and skincare preparations to suit their personal skin type and treat various skin conditions.

Ann Thatcher

Ann Thatcher

Working in a corporate position in Brisbane’s CBD Ann recognised the opportunity to open a Beauty Salon that could provide quality skincare and Beauty services to the city’s time-poor workers.

Ann opened her first Ella Baché salon in July 2004 in the busy precinct of Post Office Square.

Following this she continued to expand, opening new Ella Baché salons in Westfield Carindale, Capalaba Park Shopping Centre and her second salon in the CBD in the Myer Centre on Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall. Since 2004 Ann’s salon group has been awarded:

  • Franchisee of the Year 2006
  • National Salon of the Year 2008
  • National Salon of the Year 2010
  • National Salon of the Year 2012

Ella Baché Carindale is currently the number 1 salon in the Ella Baché network nationally and internationally.

Ann’s salon group employs team of over 40 employees including salon managers, trainers, beauty therapists and an annual intake of Beauty Therapy Graduates and of course having the access to reliable and work ready students from CNB provides a cost effective transition from student to Beauty Therapist.

Ann currently holds the position of chairperson of the Ella Baché Franchise Advisory Council.

Katie Waggot

Katie Waggot draws on 14 years of experience in the industry, which includes exposure to many aspects of the business. This experience includes training, management, business development and marketing in both the spa, hotel spa and clinic arena. Katie re-located to Australia in January 2011 and took the opportunity to create Beauty Mill. Beauty Mill has been running for 3 years and Katie’s key clients have include Elemis, Miss Fox, International Interior Images and finally Spa Q at QT Hotels.

An additional role close to Katie’s heart is her role as Chair of ASPA (The Australasian Spa Association). Helping the association from April 2012 she joined as Board Director in October 2012 and Chair in April 2013.

‘The College of Natural beauty is crucial to the industry and environment as we evolve. Wellness is a current key trend in the world (a trend that will be here to stay) and CNB is a true advocate for the importance of sustainability in cosmetics and understanding the role of natural beauty within the wellness arena.’